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Real Estate Needs improvements (Suggestions please)


Now that I've found a way to step out of my current game and play with the most current betas I'm trying different things. So today I diluted my company shares by 50% and took out $1.1 billion loan giving me $3 billion in cash. I noticed there were some cities that had high demand for housing so I decided to give that market a try and then I realized something.
Real Estate has indeed been enhanced in Capitalism Lab, we have Real Estate focused AI companies but what about if we wanted to run a purely Real Estate based company? There's constant feedback on how much micro managing is needed in retail and factories, ha! Try running a multiple billion real estate firm.
There's no way easy way to compare your rent rates to those of the AI (like a product overview). There's no one you can hire to manage real estate for you, if you're building a conglomerate that sees a business opp in real estate open up. There's no way to see at a glance what the demand for housing are in all cities (maybe a Housing report with the housing index for each city).
Today I come with little ideals or suggestions just an observation and maybe together we can come up with a solution. This hasn't been considered a problem because most of us doesn't try to build a real estate only firm.....but what if someone wanted? What tools/reports would this person need in order to explore and enjoy the real estate aspect of Capitalism lab?

Any help will be apprecited.

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