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This needs to be addressed : Trinus Essentials


I recently bought the Trinus essentials package(about a month ago) from the store mainly for the on/off switch as I don't like to unplug/plug in the trinus as with time and use I'm sure the port where the charger goes will ware down and eventually break. I had a laptop once where this happened and I needed to get a replacement board to fix it.
Anyway, today my Trinus lost power mid print and like any other person, I investigated as to why. When I looked at my Trinus I saw that it was turning on and off repeatedly and the switch from the Essential kit was very hot. I believe that somehow the switch heated up over a long(3.5 hour print and then 2 hours into another?) period of time and the mechanics of the switch somehow broke internally and the switch no longer clicks into the on or off position but wobbles freely which caused the power cycles that I saw on my Trinus.
I haven't made a support ticket or anything like that and I probably won't because personally its too much trouble to make a ticket for what is probably a $2 switch...I just wanted to let both the users of this fourm and the members of Kodama aware of this switch heating/breaking issue and hopefully it'll be looked at and addressed if necessary.

Any help will be apprecited.

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